Book Review: SOAR by Bishop T.D. Jakes

                If you’re looking for your typical spiritual guide then this book will not be for you. For those who are thinking about starting their own business then this book will definitely provide some much needed insight. I will admit that I wasn’t prepared for all this book had to offer and it took a little while to get into it, but once I did I realized what a powerful resource this book is.

                The first step is to really get yourself into a business state of mind. You can’t approach this book thinking that it is going to be a simple read through.  It is an unexpected jolt of reality. It is a truth serum that dispels myths about being an entrepreneur, while also providing intricate tips for how to make your business SOAR. It is a book straight from his heart. It is obvious in the details that this is something that he cares deeply about. I believe that an area that the church has fallen short in in the past is teaching its patrons how to live in the world and make the most of it. I believe that we are placed on this earth to live out a purpose and this book helps the reader to sort that out. We can live in the world without being lost in it. It is important to understand the imprint that we are supposed to leave.

                This book is a resource that you will have to return to over and over again just to make sure you get it all.  And to also keep reaching back into the deep well of wisdom and knowledge that Bishop Jakes provides. If you are really seeking purpose outside of the normal course of business, then you don’t want to put this book back on the shelf. A few years ago I decided to go back to school to get my MBA. I took an entrepreneurship course and this book is right in line with the things I learned. I’m not suggesting to anyone to go out and get a degree but I am suggesting if you want really good business advice choose this book. I actually would have loved this book to be a part of our text when I was in school. Because you can’t just read this book, you have to study it. And don’t worry Bishop Jakes is gifted in intertwining the spiritual with the practical. So God is definitely a part of the details of his writing.

If you are ready for something that will change how you do life and business, choose SOAR. This book will give you the wings you need to fly in every endeavor, thank me later!!

With Love,