The Process to Showing Up

The Process to Showing Up

Last week I wrote about showing up in the work place/corporate America as my whole self and hoped to inspire you to do the same. But the assumption that I made was that we had all first done the work to understand who we are in order to show up. I will warn you that in life there is no such thing as overnight success, in this as with everything there is process. I’m always on a mission of self-discovery, so I don’t think it will ever be complete, but I do believe that I have come to a place of wholeness in my person. It took a lot of God breaking down and building me up to get here. And I never want any of you to walk away thinking that it’s easy but I can guarantee you that it is worth it. Discovering purpose and the fullness of who you are is always worth the journey to get there.


As I stated in my last blog it was not always easy to show up as me. Our society creates insecurities in us very early on by imposing on us unrealistic expectations of who we should be and what we should strive to look like. Again we are often celebrated for fitting in, in our formative years. I do believe that I had a slight leg up personality wise in this area, because I embraced my weirdness at an early age. I have always been okay with being different but it was not always easy for me to stand in it with confidence if it meant that it would make someone else uncomfortable. I thought it was easier to soften the blow than show up completely myself. That was my mistake, because the world needs me to be who I am because God didn’t make a mistake when he made me. And when I look back on it, I realize how crazy it was for me to think that somehow when God created me His plan wasn’t good enough or that it would be smart to alter His plan.  Trust me God knows why He made you the way that He did and it is important that we truly understand that if we are going to show up.

Receiving God’s plan for your life is the first step to showing up. It takes more than simply understanding this with your mind, it ultimately takes receiving it in your heart. My prayer was that God would break down any barriers to me fully seeing myself that way He does and living out my purpose. I will tell you that this is a fully loaded prayer honey, full of unknowns and the revealing of blind spots. And yes, OUCH, it hurt to realize how broken I really was and how far off the mark that I was. But God in His infinite love and wisdom took me just as I was and was all too willing to guide me back to the best version of myself. And He wants the same for you. We are a part of God’s beautiful story and He wants us to show up the way He intended and there is nothing but good in His intentions trust me!

So excuse me for making any assumptions because yes I know that it is easier said than done. But who cares right, coming out on the other side a better you is the ultimate goal. I can see a world where we are able to step out of our doors and daily go off into the world in our complete beings because this is how we’re going to change it. We want to leave a legacy of wholeness for our children and those who come after us to follow. My prayer for you is that you always embrace the fullness of who you are and be willing to take the journey to wholeness that will allow you to show up in every area in your life.

With Love,