I'm Not Okay

This is going to confirm my nerd status, but there is a line in one of the Harry Potter movies “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” that really struck a cord with me. Harry had hurt his arm in a Quiditch match and he was asked if he was okay. And his response was, “No, I think my arm is broken.” And it made me think about what most of us would have said. Or more intimately what I would have said, which would have been, yes, but my arm is broken. I hope you see the difference in those statements. But let me clarify what I mean.

Why are we so afraid to admit that we are not okay?  Harry was right, having a broken arm is not okay. But why are we so willing to pretend that all is well, instead of being vulnerable and allowing ourselves to be helped? By first saying yes we build a wall that doesn’t allow us the access to the aide that we need. If I say I am fine, then my injury doesn’t get the care it deserves because the assumption is that it’s not so bad. Doing it for the gram is leaving people empty and hurting.  Because sometimes it is that bad.

Please understand that I am preaching to myself as well. A small caveat: this is not to say we should give everyone access to our vulnerabilities. But I am saying that we shouldn’t build walls so high that no one has the ability to give us the help that we need. We definitely need to get to a place where we are comfortable with our vulnerabilities and we’re in relationship with people that will protect them. I am not an expert in this area because I have held my emotions close for a long time. But I realize that that is not the healthiest route to take. So I vow that the next time I’m having a moment and someone asks me how I am, I’m going to speak my truth and come from a place of honesty. And I think you should too. Let’s all make a commitment to ourselves to grow in this area of our lives. Even though society says we have to have it all together all the time, let’s dispel that lie. And let’s create safe places so that we can all be great!

With Love,