Use What You Have Where You Are

Use What You Have Where You Are

It took a lot for me to start this blog. Why you might ask? Because I thought I had to have it all together. And by having it all together meant it all had to be close to perfect. But what I learned really quickly is that perfect doesn’t exist. We can do things in excellence without life being perfect. It is okay to start where you are with what you have. The most important element to any endeavor is you.

I truly believe that once you start putting one foot in front of the other everything will fall into its rightful place. Waiting for that one moment to come when your perfect opportunity and perfect life will fall from the sky is an illusion. Things will only fall into place when you take what you have and apply it. Comparing your journey and gifts to someone else won’t help either. This journey God specifically tailored just for you and you have to take that knowledge and run with it.

Life is definitely what you make it and don’t be afraid to make it beautiful. Most of the time we hide behind trying to make things perfect because of fear. It gives us an excuse to back out and avoid failure. But when we refuse to take risks, we refuse ourselves the real opportunities. And those opportunities are to grow, stretch and become our purpose. There is nothing comfortable about stepping out of what we feel is safe, but in it there is true freedom.

So here I am giving you a taste of my freedom through this blog. Trust me I have no clue how this thing is going to turn out or what it will turn into. But my hope and vision is that it inspires you to do that uncomfortable thing, that uneasy thing that will bring you to your place of freedom.

Photos by: Savannah Avril Photography

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