Book Review: Faith Future Forward by Chad Veach

Book Review: Faith Future Forward by Chad Veach

“Faith Forward Future” was an unexpected surprise and blessing to me. Chad Veach came to preach at my church a few Sundays ago and I was led to purchase his book. His preaching was so inspirational that I wanted to hear more of what he had to say.

I will admit that when I first started reading this book, I thought that there was not much else that I could learn or grasp about faith, but I was interested in reading it anyway. My faith is tight right. But this book unlocked another dimension of faith for me and helped me to go that much deeper and I am so grateful. Who knew that in the midst of reading this book, I would need its words to carry me through some tough life moments.  If anyone knows me, they know that I am passionate about God and my journey of purpose and I want so much to live out God’s plan for my life. But there are times when God’s plan gets a little hazy and I needed a reminder of who He is and what great faith looks like.

This book did that for me, it was an awesome reminder. Chad Veach has an uncanny way of disarming you with his humor and realness in this book.  He’s very transparent, human and relatable. There’s no sense of I’m the Pastor that has it all together and you need to listen. It’s more like I am just like you and this is what God has done for me, this is what God’s word says and therefore this is what He can do for you. He teaches you practical ways to live a life of faith, from receiving God’s grace, overcoming failures and pushing forward. This book is not theoretical, I learned the touch, feel and smell of faith. I learned real ways that I could move forward in my walk.

I don’t want to spill all the beans so to sum it all up, I literally carve out moments in my day just so I could get to this book because it spoke to me tremendously. I was excited about what I would read next. God knew exactly what I would need, so he sent me this book. If you’re reading this I believe God is sending it to you as well. I promise reading this book will put a skip in your step as you walk out faith.

Thank me later!!

With Love,