Book Review: Wholeness by Pastor Toure’ Roberts

Book Review: Wholeness by Pastor Toure’ Roberts


...I have enough. Wholeness enables you to say to yourself, I am full, I am complete, and there is nothing missing inside you. -Wholeness by Pastor Toure' Roberts 

To be totally transparent I knew when I picked this book up that it was going to be really good. I am actually going to read it again. I have listened to his messages over the years and I am hooked to the word that God has placed in his heart. I have also read his first book “Purpose Awakening” so I knew the greatness that I was about to encounter when I picked up this book. I would recommend that you pick up both books and read them in order and I promise your life will be transformed.

But I’m not here to review both books, I am here to review “Wholeness.”  So here we go, because reading this book is like going on a journey, the journey from the beginning of your life to the present. It implores you to examine every step in between in order to discover the whole you. This book is the mirror that you need to reflect back to you who you truly are. Warning: if you’re not ready to weed out brokenness in your life and go beyond the superficial, then steer clear. Because after reading “Wholeness” you will never be the same.

I don’t want to give it all away because the purpose of this book review is not to give you all the details. Although I don’t think I could, because reading this book is a personal experience. Everyone who reads it will get something different from it. We all are in various seasons of our lives, and it will speak to each us according to that season. The one thing that I can say is that I love that this book is personal to Pastor Roberts as well. Every chapter provides us with an example of how the journey of wholeness has worked in his life as a blueprint. He allows his humanness to be on full display which for me is always reassuring. I’m a person that when I read books of this kind I need to know that the author has taken the same advice that he/she is giving. Have you ever had that friend that gives great advice but doesn’t use it in their own life.  Well this book is the opposite of that friend. This book serves as the friend that will walk you through the tough work of moving beyond the surface and getting to the deeper things of who you are, because that friend has already moved through this journey. Second Warning: This book is going to get under your skin and get all up in your business, but it is going to be worth it. It’s time up for zombie living and accepting things as they are. We have to be active participants in our personal growth.

I am so excited because I know that once you read this book your life will be forever changed. I believe that this is the guidance and inspiration that you have been searching for. But I don’t need you to just take my word for it… GO GET THIS BOOK!

Thank me later!

With Love,