Know Thyself: Understanding What Works for You When it Comes to Your Health

Know Thyself: Understanding What Works for You When it Comes to Your Health

Yes, it is the beginning of the year and I know some of us have made the infamous resolution/goal to be healthy in 2018. And I believe the greatest mistake we make with our health is trying a one size fits all model. I agree that exercising and eating healthy/balanced meals are the keys to anyone’s success. But figuring out what eating habits and exercise plans work for you is an individual endeavor.

 First, knowing your body type and how your body responds to certain activity is important. We tend to ignore this step and jump head first into a health plan that may or may not work for us. If we want to remain consistent we need plans that actually work. If you don’t already know your body, get to know it. (By the way when was your last Doctor’s Appointment)?

Secondly, health is not just about losing weight for the moment, but a new lifestyle. Health should be as much a habit as brushing your teeth. But we tend to lose momentum when we start something that isn’t giving us results. It is important to understanding your life. Are you a day or night person? (This is useful information to determine the best time for you to exercise). What is your schedule like? How far do you commute to work? What is your budget? Are you self-motivated or not? Do you have a family? These are all vital questions that we need to ask ourselves if we want to be successful. But most of us don’t ask ourselves any questions and we expect to win. If health is going to be a lifestyle change then identifying what space you are in is essential.  When we take time to understand our lives then we leave no room to compare our journey to others.

Just some “food” for thought and my two cents, but if you don’t remember anything else I said, remember to do it for you.  I’ve deemed 2018 the year of intention. That means our actions have to be intentional and purposeful. Superficiality is not the way. We can’t perform at our greatest by just hovering just above the surface of our lives. We’re in this to win, so before you go any further into this year, pause and re-access. You are your greatest asset.

With Love,